Adele’s new album has been praised better than ever

The OneRepublic member of the group praised Adele’s fourth album. Fans predict that the singer will soon return to the music race after a long absence.

According to The Sun, OneRepublic member Ryan Tedder shared that he collaborated with Adele on the fourth album. Before that, Tedder was a co-writer and producer with “English painters” in two songs, Rumor Has It. and Remedy.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Adele

In addition, he revealed that the album is expected to be released in September.

Since the song Apologize became a hit in 2007, OneRepublic has become popular. And Ryan Tedder is not only known as a singer but also a musician. Music producers with hits like Beyonce’s Halo, Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love and Ed Sheeran’s Happier.

In an interview, Tedder shared that he needs to rest after a series of days of work and touring continuously: “Although this is my favorite job, I feel overwhelmed by working on a tight schedule. There is no time to relax. I almost collapsed both physically, mentally and emotionally. I have not even met my children for 7 months.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Adele

Currently, the main vocalist of OneRepublic has spent time with his family. In parallel, he still composed and supported Adele in the new album.

The last time the owner hit Hello released the album in 2015. Fans were eager to hear her sweet voice again after a long time of waiting. At the wedding of her best friend Laur Dockrill in London, England, the singer performed the song Rolling in the Deep. She shared that she will release a new music product in late September.

Earlier, Woman’s Day New Zealand reported that Adele and Harry Styles had bought together some of the essentials needed for their Caribbean trip. The hit owner Set Fire to the Rain and former member of One Direction have been close since before. And until now, the friendship has moved up.

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