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Andersen and music

The fairy tales that Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) told his whole life reflected almost the whole world he lived. Classical music is no exception, the spirit of music and art has appeared boldly in the work as well as his life.

It is no coincidence that researcher Anna Harwell Celenza wrote Hans Christian Andersen and music: the nightingale was revealed. In this work, she discovered the writer’s observations and musical activities in her musical life and found that readers were often interested in the Little Mermaids, Swans, Nightingale , Brave lead soldier, little girl … without knowing that Andersen is very passionate about music.

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With an emotional voice, this son of the Odense City shoemaker once embraced his dream of becoming an opera artist or dancer at the Det Konggelige Teater in Copenhagen. Broken voice when growing up and forced to give up the dream but he also tried to maintain it in another form, that is to become a loyal audience of music, close friends with many composers and more, attend Join the music life. In this way, his connection to the world of music is still sustained throughout his life.

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It is hard to imagine the 19th century European music atmosphere, because in the current view, many of the rules of that period were ridiculous, for example to avoid competition, artists signed contracts with the house. Singing The Det Konggelige Teate is only allowed to hold separate concert concerts when there is no time to hold any theater performances and each concert is not allowed to have more than 2 artists participating family.

In order for the performances to be boring, the artists hired Andersen to write a separate script, a separate circuit that could connect the songs and art songs they would perform. In that way, concerts with separate productions tend to become an attractive short musical.

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