Bedroom Pop

Bedroom Pop – New feeling for your music

Previously, Bedroom Pop was understood to be the simplest music created from the technology of making amateur music at home of artists. Nowadays, Bedroom pop artists are increasingly developing both in technology and in their way of making music. They do not want people to default to Bedroom Pop as an amateur music genre.

We can call them a new wave of musicism D.I.Y (do it yourself). The Bedroom Pop artists make music their own way. They are creative at any age and create special features in music.

As well as the way they approach the outside world, they can capture information from around the world and present it on their own music. What really connects these artists is that they are creative and independent. They are making music for themselves. It brings a new and authentic feeling to music listeners.

Nowadays, Bedroom Pop artists are gradually developing for their music career.They are not just Lo-fi tones. They started investing more in the studio, taking together more ambitious sounds and bringing them to new cities. Those are places they have never been to.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BEDROOM POP

George became popular when the song “Gap in the Clouds” featured during a promotional program in Atlanta. Instead of in the bedroom, George prefers a garden shed behind his family home. That’s where he creates all his own artwork as well.

Now, his songs go far beyond his garden. George always tries to keep in touch with his inner soul and uses it in his music. Some of his must-see works such as The way things change, Gap in the Clouds, Alittle while.

Clairo became widely known when she was 19, with a music video she made in her bedroom for 30 minutes. Currently, her “Pretty Girl” video has nearly 13 million views.

Fans fell in love with Clairo’s rudeness and how she approached DIY. But she never intended to stay in her bedroom forever.

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