Coachella Festival – The world’s most expensive music event

Coachella is the most expensive music festival in the world today. This is the most profitable music festival in the world ‘s largest music industry, taking place once a year on two weekends in April.

Most music lovers around the world can recognize the familiar Coachella name. This is a music event that is considered the leading bird of music festivals in the world, bringing together many star artists and famous artists, as the “dream land” of young singers, because there is no chance.

Whichever is better for them to show their talents to audiences around the world. But not all of us know the story of how this expensive music festival was formed.

Tìm hiểu lễ hội Coachella đắt đỏ nhất thế giới

There is not much information on the official website of Coachella, but you can still find information at some forums or bloggers that have attended. The Coachella Festival, whose full name is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is held annually at Polo Empire Club, Indio, California, located in the Coachella Valley of Inland Empire in the Colorado desert.

The festival was founded by Paul Tollett in 1999 under the organization of Goldenvoice, an affiliate of AEG Live. The event covers many genres of music such as rock, indie, hip hop, electronic music as well as works of art and sculpture.

Tìm hiểu lễ hội Coachella đắt đỏ nhất thế giới

After being interrupted by the Woodstock riots in 1999, Coachella continued to return in 2001 and took place only one day. Since 2002, the event has increased to 2 days and by 2007, Coachella was extended to the third day and finally to a week in 2012. From then on, this famous music festival took place every Once a year on the two weekends of April.

At Coachella Festival, you will be immersed in the festive atmosphere on the green lawn in the sun, be provided with food and water, attend the parties of big brands, see the top music stars. perform on big stages like Katy Perry, Rihanna;

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