Compose music

Compose music and learn basic and effective self-study of music

You take a blank sheet of paper and draw the staff with 5 alternating lines and 4 slots, then dot on 1 dot and read the note name. Do not pay attention to the tail, hook or characters, please read the correct note name located on the slots and music stream only.

The first step in learning the notes in this way has the advantage of not being distracted by the hook or the related characters, learning slowly until all the notes on the staff are in place!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho học âm nhạc

A total of 12 single beats and 12 double beats. The circle mark has the largest field value so it is typical to divide and record numbers for a single beat. In this article, I only say that the three main types of rhythms that are used for all other types of music. Whether single or double, are also variations of the above three types of rhythms. In this section, I will write in another topic more full.

When you finish this lesson, open a new piece of music, you can read and understand the whole song like translating an English version.
The next step of practice is the hardest and most vague part for beginners: How to split the beat in a song and how to practice the beat the fastest and most effective way. In the limited scope I will guide this part in the following article.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Similar to the guitar, the piano chords are also made up of three or more notes. The notes are played for a while. A chord is usually made up of two or more intervals. The notes that are chorded on the background are also called the pitched notes. In addition, other notes are called by the name of the range they form with the root note.

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