COVID-19: We need music to lift our spirits

Mr. Stefano Bozzini, an 81-year-old Italian, played the accordion for his wife from the hospital backyard because he was on travel restrictions because of Covid.

Explaining his actions, Stefano Bozzini, from the town of Castel San Giovanni, province of Piacenza in the Emilia-Romagna region played afternoon music to his wife from under the window of the hospital she was treating. for that simple, I follow the call of the heart.

Due to his limited travel time due to coronavirus, Stefano Bozzini could not visit his wife. Mrs. Carla is lying in treatment in the hospital. So instead, he played songs on his familiar accordion to reinforce their love.

A romantic show took place one Sunday morning in the hospital backyard at Castel San Giovanni. It’s so sweet and emotional that people go back and share videos on the internet.

The first song he played was the Spanish Eyes, an original song for the small orchestra Moon Over Naples, composed by Bert Kaempfert in 1965 based on the Paraguay folk melody and later laced as the Spanish Eyes song do singer Freddy Quinn sang. Many people in the hospital also got out of the hospital bed and peeked through the windows.

Carla, 74, was released earlier this week after spending up to 10 days in the hospital to get cancer tests.

Bozzini, a soldier of the retired Italian army’s Alpini mountain infantry, wears a Cappello Alpino hat, a special green hat with crow feathers on the side. He was nicknamed Gianni Morandi, a famous Italian singer who once sold 50 million records, because he couldn’t stop playing accordions. He said what’s going on in this world is terrible and we need music to lift our spirits.

He and his wife met in their twenties and had been married for 47 years. They had three children but their youngest child died of cancer at the age of 25.

Castel San Giovanni, where they lived close to Lombardy, was in a bad state because of the coronavirus. They try to endure and stay at home as much as possible to avoid the dangers of Covid. But for him, it was important to see everything with his eyes and heart, then try to help people as much as possible.

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