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Ecstatic with Kitaro

Objectively, Kitaro music is not of the easy listening group. However, once you have the strength to listen to one CD, you will find a way to have another Kitaro CD to listen to.

Kitaro music often stands up in front of us when meeting for the first time in a towering sound that makes many people overwhelmed and regress. But if you choose wisely or be a new-age follower to clear the way, things will become a lot simpler. For example, instead of tapping on the album Kojiki if familiar with Thinking of you, everything will be simple.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kitaro

“Nature inspires me,” Kitaro once said – “for me, some songs are like clouds, others like water.” The beauty of nature is part of Kitaro’s childhood. Kitaro was born into a Buddhist and Shinto peasant family in Toyohashi in central Japan.

The years of living and harmonizing in the countryside have depended on his soul the sensations, vibrating very early on the innocence and majesty of nature.

Kitaro’s music is sexy and capable of unleashing the visual energies of the listeners. At that time, you will understand why many people consider Kojiki to be the performance of a human being in the light.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kitaro

Not well-trained but Kitaro learns himself to use synthesizers and guitars, plays flute, taiko drums and many other traditional Japanese instruments. Perhaps because of his passion and knowledge of traditional Japanese music, Kitaro did not face any obstacles.

Few foreign musicians understand and express the inner Vietnamese excellence as Kitaro. Kitaro also produces most of his albums, and also covers the disc and photography.

He even interfered with the design of the stage lighting so that the presentation effect reached its peak. If you have seen the video clip of Matsuri’s work, you will believe that Kitaro treasures the feelings of the listeners.

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