Genius musician – Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in the small village of Rajna next to Bonn (Germany) in a poor family with a musical tradition. Grandpa – Louis van Beethoven conductor of the Bonn royal orchestra.

His Dad – Johann van Beethoven choreographed the Bonn court, after 3 years of marriage to Maria Magdalena Keverich gave birth to Beethoven. The Beethoven family had 7 brothers, but poverty and illness robbed 4 brothers when they were young.

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At the age of 8, Beethoven showed his prodigy in music – playing the piano. At the age of 14, he wrote and performed successfully 3 sonatas for the piano. In 1787 he went to Vienn (Austria) – the music capital of the world at that time to hope to learn from Mozart. Unfortunately, less than 3 weeks had to go back to Bonn to bear a gentle, quiet, gentle mother.

The pain of loss greatly influenced Beethoven’s later writing career. Forever 1792 (22 years old) Beethoven once again leaves his place where his umbilical cord is buried to live and work in Vienn, but now the Mozart teacher is no more.

Beethoven’s life was not long, 57 years from birth to deprivation in all aspects, severe mental and physical injuries. But in that genius musician that extraordinary energy has transcended everything to overcome his bitter and grim fate, devoted his whole life to the world music.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Beethoven

The last years of his life were deaf, blind, and writhing in pain still composing music. Beethoven has left a massive volume of writing: 135 works including musicals, dance music, 10 symphonies, chamber music, prayers, duets, quartets, tunes, singing, music compositions poem…

More than anyone, Beethoven is a passionate lover of nature, loves beautiful villages, loves spring, loves forests that are about to fall … likes to wander in the forests to hear the rustle of the leaves of the forest , in the country to listen to the music of the country:

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