How does music affect creativity

The following article will give a definition of creativity, differentiate creative types and answer the question: “Does music promote our artifact?”. According to Google search results, creativity is the process of applying new imagination or unique ideas, especially in the art field.

I personally do not like this definition at all because it limits potential areas that can be used for creativity. In fact, we can be creative in every field, whether it’s art, law, website development or technology, yes yes. Why is that? Because creativity is an effective way to improve your area of ​​expertise and solve problems in the most optimal way.

The Business Dictionary dictionary has the most definitive definition of this phrase: Creativity is “neurological characteristics that allow a person to come up with a new thought or initiative, create innovation and take an approach. more effective problem. ”

Most people think, creativity is “inventing” something completely new. Nowadays, this view is completely impossible. There are so many things that need to be improved and there are still many hidden things in the process of improvement, and there are many opportunities to create and develop products or solve problems.

That’s why I prefer the definition of Business Dictionary because of the “different problem approach” cluster. The key here is the approach to everything. For example, Steve Jobs is considered one of the most creative individuals that mankind ever had; and the result is the famous Apple brand. He did not start with completely new things but only improve and renew the customer experience. That makes the brand stand out.

People who compose music, write books, solve problems in a company, web designers … all need creativity to really stand out and be able to do a good job. But being creative in one area doesn’t mean you will be able to do the same thing in every area.

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