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How does your musical taste reflect your personality

Music plays an important role in everyone’s life. That is why there are many questions as to which individual factors may influence music preferences.

For example, can your playlist content reveal something about your personality? People listen to music according to their mood, to motivate practice or even to inspire. How many of these choices will affect your personality?

Participants were asked to rate over 104 different musical styles in addition to providing information on their personality aspects.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho âm nhạc

According to researcher Adrian North, the reason people sometimes feel concerned about their music preferences is more or less related to their attitudes and personalities.

North says that people use music to express themselves and use it as a means to communicate with others. His research also shows the connection that people often create with each other thanks in part to their personalities and musical interests.

People who like pop music are people who are outgoing, honest. While pop lovers are hard-working and have high self-esteem. So researchers say they tend to be less creative and a little bit more fastidious.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho âm nhạc

Although there are prejudices that people who love to rap are stronger or tend to be more violent. But the researchers really haven’t found any connection with such assessments. People who like rap music will often have high self-esteem and are extroverts.

People who love country music are usually hard-working, simple and extrovert. While country songs often focus on separation, grief, those who love this genre are very emotionally stable. They also tend to be more conservative and less open to share feelings.

Lovers of Indie Music are usually introverted, creative and very intelligent. According to the researchers, this group is less focused on work and not as gentle as other groups. Also passive, anxious and low self-esteem are also popular features in this group’s personality.

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