How to care for your violin

A favorite and valuable item will be respected and preserved by everyone, and also wants it to be in the best state. If so, don’t regret some time and effort to perform hard work.

Take care and preserve it. Owning a violin is not just about having a precious item but also a close friend who is always with you, sharing your feelings of sadness and joy with you. And this article will show you how to preserve and take good care of your violin.

If you have just bought and used your guitar for a long time and you see that the bow is severely broken, it is possible that your herd is being visited by “guests”. These are ticks or bugs that are normally active at night that bite off your bowstring.

In this case, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interstitial wires and place the big tree next to the insecticide, and expose it to the sun for a while. As a precaution, you should use and place the plant under regular sunlight, if the bowstring has been severely broken, you should replace it with a new one.

In the course of learning to play the violin should not let the bowstring touch your body no matter what part of the skin the human skin will affect the grip of the bowstring. Before starting to use the instrument to practice, use turpentine to rub the tree.

The way to do it is to hold the fixed resin in one hand, the other hand holds the big pole and move the giant up and down on the resin surface, the resin will help increase the friction to make the sound when you pull the piano. If you rub too little, you will not make a very small sound or sound, but if you rub too much it will make the sound hard, and it will cause a lot of dust when pulling.

While playing if you do not use the keyboard temporarily, you must place the violin in a certain position, making sure not to drop the herd. Having a soft dry cloth ready to clean the turntable every time you play, then remember to loosen the string before putting it in the storage box.

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