Is it good to listen to music while exercising

Scientists at the Texas University of Technology (USA) believe that doctors should recommend that people listen to music while practicing because it is a way to promote motivation, according to the Daily Mail. The research not only finds music that improves mood, but also stimulates the mind and chemicals that promote movement in the brain.

“Our research provides evidence that music can be used as an additional tool to motivate someone to exercise more, which is inherently important to cardiovascular health,” that’s said by Dr. Waseem Shami, one of the authors of the study.

Many people when exercising seem to have noticed the effect of music on the effect of exercise. It is an intuitive judgment. But the study has proved it to be true, Dr. Shami added.

The scientific group led by him conducted research on 127 people with an average age of 53. They were asked to run for as long as possible and be monitored for heart rate by electrocardiography. Half of the participants were asked to wear headphones to listen to music, while the other half wore headphones but no music. The type of music they listen to is a fast-paced Latin melody.

Those who listen to music run an average of 8 and a half minutes, 51 seconds longer than people who don’t listen to music. The jogging test is considered difficult because the running speed of the machine is getting faster and faster and the slope of the track increases 3 minutes for time.

“After 6 minutes of running, the practitioner will feel as if he is running up a mountain slope. Therefore, even though it only lasted longer than the last 51 seconds, it was really a big difference in endurance, “said by Dr. Shami.

According to the World Health Organization, each person should exercise with moderate intensity such as walking, cycling, gardening about 150 minutes / week. If intense exercise like jogging is 75 minutes / week. However, in many countries, most people do not practice this enough time.

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