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Is music be the key to success

Various studies have shown a relationship between music learning and academic achievement. But how does the formal music learning relate to exceptional success in other areas? This relevance is not a coincidence.

They all show the connection between learning music and their professional accomplishments.

This connection is more extensive than the interaction between math and music. More notably, many successful individuals argue that music has opened the path to creative thinking. Their experience shows that learning music will be cultivate qualities like: cooperation, ability to listen.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho học âm nhạc nước ngoài

However, their way of playing music and successful people like them is really fascinating. They all apply focused and disciplined lessons in the process of learning music. That is come up with new ways of thinking and communicating – even solving problems.

If you look closely, you’ll find musicians among the top performers in almost every industry. Woody Allen has weekly shows with a jazz band.

For some, their passion for music is far greater than their talents. He was pushed up like that by the fact that he making a movie.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho học âm nhạc nước ngoài

Mr. Allen thinks that music is like a hobby, not related to his daily work. He likens himself to a tennis player on the weekend who only comes out once a week. He has no special ears or special feelings. In comedy, he has a good instinct about rhythm. But in music, he really wasn’t.

Music brings balance, Mr. Wolfensohn explained. He started learning cello as an adult. “You are not trying to win competitions, or to be the leader. You like it because of the pleasure and pleasure you get from music, which is completely unrelated to your professional competence. ”

Music may not make you a genius, or be rich, or even a better person.

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