Major milestones in the history of world music

This article will highlight many important milestones to give teen a comprehensive picture of world music history. A round of world music industry history.

One of the first forms of the world music industry is to enjoy theater performances, which are quite popular in the years from 1880 to 1900. Currently, if teenagers come to Paris, they will be able to admire one of the famous theaters of this movement left is Chatelet theater.

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In the 1900s, with the popularity of home entertainment needs through piano. In 1954, the electric guitar line of Fender Stratcaster invented by Leo Fender brought a new level of musical performance to a new level to satisfy listeners.

But the important milestone that made the music industry change markedly was the appearance of MySpace social network in 2003 and YouTube in 2005. The advent of social networks later boosted the marketing music products by newer, teenage and more effective methods.

Many musical phenomena have been created by the most prominent social networking system, Justin Beiber. When the singer’s mother launched the first clips of her son on YouTube, she did not expect to make the whole world have a fever, especially female teenagers.

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YouTube seismic and social networks still have long-lasting effects on how to enjoy the music of the world so far, especially with the discerning teen of our world.

The factor T also made the giants like Coca-Cola more creative. The global campaigns of Coca-Cola in recent years have always turned to their teenager. The most spectacular is Coca-Cola Music 2011 with a music banquet for teenagers only.

The 1950s were a golden age of radio entertainment as the number of radio owners increased. In 1964, the first integrated cassette player was produced so that in 1979, the Sony family released a cassette Walkman player that exploded in the form of personal music enjoyment.

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