Music has helped me find stillness when my soul is in turmoil

Music is always a source of happiness for everyone living on earth. No music in the world will really be boring. There is music in the movement of the wind, the sea, as well as the trees; There is music in the song of birds

Music has a very important meaning to human happiness. Music dispels the sorrow of people and fills our minds with joy. Turning on your favorite music and actually listening without doing anything else, we see how valuable this life is!

am nhac tao dong luc

Music is a power, swept away all thoughts in your mind. You will look like a blooming flower in a sunny day. Music gives you both joy and sadness. But it also softens your soul. If someone glides on the piano keys with gentle, melodic and easy-going melodies. Or someone who mixes guitar and piano together, we might hear them ringing in our minds, the music soothes our souls.

Peace does not mean that there is no noise, no difficulty, no hardship. Peace means that righteousness while in a storm of three storms still feels quiet in the heart. That is the true meaning of peace. And it is music that helps me find silence when my soul is in turmoil.

I will remember the echo of the piano, warming my heart to the lonely and lost days. I can measure my life with moments when music has helped transform me. And not only that, I can find joy and happiness in very ordinary moments.

My life in each stage has different goals and dreams. And there are many things that govern me in each period: learning, family, friends. Those times passed with so many ups and downs, not the love but the music itself helped me to have the strength to stay calm before every change of life.

âm nhạc trong sâu thẳm tâm hồn

There is a beautiful saying: “Music is an echo of emotions”. We cannot see emotions, we cannot hear, we cannot smell, we cannot taste or touch emotions, we can only feel. Once we have loved an art subject enough to feel it, we will hear echoes from a life full of mystery and desire to invite.

Sometimes, we love a song that is not simply because of the beautiful melody or lyrics but also because of the clear and peaceful feelings they bring, because they tell us the stories of life that we think like forgotten somewhere.

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