Music increases the quality of life of the elderly

German and Swiss scientists have studied the effects of music on the brains of older adults. The German DW news agency discussed with the leader of the research team the challenges and results of the study.

Many people who can play at least one instrument often learn music from a young age but brain researchers from Hanover and Geneva want to show that music lessons. They are still valuable to people as soon as they get old.

“New research has examined the effects of music on the quality of life of the elderly. It aims to focus on understanding the important role of being able to live the happiness of the elderly and to help them try to experiment with new things in their lives again, ”negative neurophysiologist Music and head of research team Eckart Altenmüller tells DW.

More than 100 people attended piano lessons or music theory classes within a year, this course will end in the summer of 2019. Anyone between the ages of 64 and 76 has no experience learning music , do not know how to play any instrument to participate in these courses.

They hope that music will play an active role in various psychological factors. They wait to bring joy, reduce boredom and depression of the participants, but we also focus on other issues such as stimulating thinking, increasing memory, skills. disease synthesis and control.

What makes this study so complicated is that they aim to examine how the brain functions in the old age and what factors in the control structures of the brain and networks. Links in the brain affect lessons about music, music theory.

For years ago, they had been testing students between the ages of 20 and 30 and we had reliable material to see that every piano lesson could lead to the creation of interconnected centers of brain region controls hearing and movement. They existed steadily for weeks afterwards. They now want to know if there is a similar change that we still call neurotransmitter adaptation in this brain region of the elderly.

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