Music – spiritual food for mother and fetus

Proven scientific studies, classical music is the best choice for the fetus. The gentle, melodious sounds with soft rhythm make pregnant women feel more comfortable. Melodies of lullabies, simple country songs, close to the nature of classical music such as Bethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Teleman and Handel …

Gentle, smooth and smooth with rhythm frequencies from 60 to 80 beats for minute is similar to the frequency of the human heartbeat so easily resolving stresses, sorrows, anxiety for pregnant mothers.

Many mothers wondered how to listen to music properly, so as not to affect their babies and their health. Currently, the pregnant women are applying two ways to listen to music: apply earphones to the abdomen so that the baby can hear more easily or turn on the loud speaker with the desire, the baby inside will be able to contact the sound.

Depending on the situation, you can listen to your baby in both ways. In the workplace, don’t use loud music for example, you can use dedicated headphones only for pregnant women to sell in stores that apply to your baby to listen. Sometimes, at home, you can turn on the music, dance to the tune or whisper the lyrics to the baby … The baby feels the love and life in the world is amazing …

According to scientists, pregnant women should let their babies listen to music from the 22nd week on, the listening time should not exceed 20 minutes per week, the term may be heard from 2 to 3 times.

When a 1-month-old baby should still maintain the old music before, until 2-3 months of age, let them listen to new songs combined with a game that focuses intellectually, emotionally and physically.

A special thing that pregnant women should keep in mind is that the fetus often wakes up when you relax and sleep when you are active, so you choose the time for your baby to hear that is when she wakes up. The time of listening may be when you lie down in bed or in the bath.

At the same time, gently rub your belly to feel the warmth from your hand. What is more like being immersed in a melodious melody and feeling love from mother …

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