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Nicki Minaj announced his retirement, spending time with his family

37-year-old hot rapper has just announced her withdrawal from showbiz. Nicki Minaj will spend time to relax and take care of family.

Recently on Twitter, singer Nicki Minaj posted the message she would retire and spend time with family. “I decided to withdraw from showbiz and focus on taking care of my family. I know this news will make some people happy. For fans, keep my image, until I die. Love you all, ”she wrote.

Recently, hot female rapper, 37, has registered their marriage with boyfriend Kenneth Perry and will be married in a few months.

Nicki Minaj was born in 1982, real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She achieved success quite late after experiencing many events in life. In 2008, she was selected as Female Artist of the Year at the Underground Music Awards and began to receive public attention.

Nicki Minaj tuyen bo giai nghe, danh thoi gian cho gia dinh hinh anh 1

The female rapper is said to have her own rap style, typical intonation. She was named an editor by the New York Times magazine as the most influential female rapper of all time.

Over 10 years of his career, Nicki Minaj has received 10 Grammy nominations, won 6 American Music Awards, 7 BET Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards.

Nicki Minaj gets a lot of noise related to his career and private life. One of them was a fight with Cardi B at a fashion event held in New York (USA). Cardi B even took off his shoes to throw at Nicki Minaj. After the incident, Minaj expressed an urgent attitude and faced her juniors for daring to attack her.

“You entered my world. I never had to sleep with a DJ so he could play my music. And this woman, at the best of her career, went out to throw bottles and clogs. Someone intervene? Tell her to get away from here “,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Cardi B announced that she would not cooperate with anyone who worked with Nicki Minaj and criticized her seniors for saying bad things about her.

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