Nurturing connections through music

Many adults can recall their favorite lullaby or melody as a child. Or they recall a moment when they hear a particular melody or music. Music has the power to create life-long memory connections. Music experiences can even bring a sense of belonging, a sense of community to an individual from when they were very young.

Music can help infants at the age of access to what is inherently better than words or pictures. Parents or caregivers can connect with the baby by singing songs while performing everyday tasks like washing their hands or doing housework.

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Some parents, who claim to have no musical talent, say they have “composed” their own songs about their children. Such musical traditions can develop into very special cohesion. And then will become memories with children throughout life.

With a culture that emphasizes our vision, there is little opportunity for children to practice listening skills. Music activities can help enhance a child listening skills by providing opportunities for them to anticipate, stop and listen in focus.

Adding some movement to music while singing or listening to music with children can be quite awkward for some people. But there are many movements that are not difficult to make.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Studies also show that music develops critical thinking, happiness, and offers opportunities to practice social skills. The magic of music is that it is a language common to all children regardless of the stage of development. so use music to nurture your connection and your child!

You can use any music you like. But remember that it should not be too fast, too noise and too urgent. Some studies show that Mozart’s music can create a perfect balance between the effects of music and feelings of peace and happiness.

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