Sakura Montessori school teaches a completely unique echo music program for children

The exclusive music program at Sakura Montessori International Preschool helps children to develop the optimal ability of acoustics, phonetics, vocalization according to rhythm and nurturing music love for life.

The program was researched and developed by Sakura Montessori based on the Montessori philosophy of education and the perspective of education Frank Leto’s music – teachers have many years of experience teaching music in Montessori classes in the US , ensure the appropriateness and compatibility with the cycle of developing artistic sensitivity in each child. Thereby, Echo Music promises to bring positive experiences for small students to study at Sakura Montessori facilities.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em nghe nhạc

Compared to the traditional Music program, the Echo Music music sensing program has a distinct difference when it comes to high integration. Echo Music music is multi-sensory music with the motto of learning core through entertainment, learning music through the senses. This is entirely consistent with the educational philosophy of Montessori method and Frank Leto’s most natural and fun music discovery perspective.

Accordingly, the Echo Music program focuses on exploiting the child’s ability to actively interact with music through the senses, especially vision, hearing and touch. And Echo is the main method of music teaching, making children interested in repetitive music activities.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trẻ em nghe nhạc

Children learn music through a more interesting and different Echo method than traditional recall methods and discover new things in the natural instruments of life. The child is also a living instrument with a special “body percussion”. With the approach of music by body percussion, Echo Music Music program awakens the musical potential in each child, helping them to be aware that they not only create music from singing and playing specialized instruments but You can also create melodies from your own body or everyday familiar objects.

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