She elected baby to listen to music at the right time

Researchers have shown that listening to music during pregnancy often helps stimulate children‘s intelligence effectively. At different stages of pregnancy, the music genres also change accordingly.

According to the study, from the 16th week onwards, the fetus was able to feel the sounds from outside, so the appropriate period for the mothers to start listening to the music from the week of 16-20 times.

Because the fetus tends to sleep when the mother is active and awake when she relaxes and relaxes, the pregnant mother should choose the time when her body wants to rest to listen to music. At that time, she could let herself be relaxed in the most comfortable way and only focus on enjoying the music but not with any other work, that’s when your baby felt the most clear melodies.

Listening to music will also help pregnant mothers connect emotionally with their babies. Mothers can listen to music while singing melodically or swinging people to the music, so will also make your baby very that’s exciting.

Besides, she also needs to avoid music with too strong melodies or continuous changes in rhythm, which will adversely affect the fetus. The mother also needs to choose a quiet space to listen to music and should avoid listening to music for many hours in a row.

Many mothers wondered how to listen to music properly, so as not to affect their babies and their health. Currently, Mothers is applying two ways to listen to music: apply earphones to the abdomen to make the baby hear more easily or turn on the loud speaker with the desire, the baby in the other will be able to contact the sound.

According to the study, right from the mother’s womb, listening to music can help improve intelligence, creativity and ability to express emotions of children. At the third trimester, the central nervous system and fetal senses are particularly sensitive to stimuli. Even many babies react to those stimuli.

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