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Studying abroad art – Music

Music is considered a romantic communication language in the world. Art, Music are industries that require ourselves to be gifted, in particular, to be passionate.

Around the world, Music students have trained big stars from the UK, the USA and Canada. This makes us think twice more about studying methodically or on the path to success of studying abroad in the arts and music industry as an example.

In particular, the land of Ireland and Scotland was once a place to nurture inspirations for great composers like Edward ELgar, Purcell, … The concerts in England always show its scale and majesty. The United Kingdom deserves to be the first place you remember when you want to find a world music academy.

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It’s no mistake if you choose Germany as your destination for studying music. Of the 100 most influential composers in the world, German composers make up the majority. Mozart’s musical genius dominates classical music.

In Vienna and Salzburg, people call these places the starting place for classical music. In Austria, you are in the birthplace of classical dances and dance music like waltz. Some famous music academies in Austria must be mentioned are Mozarteum, Liberal, … And to Austria, do not forget to enjoy the magnificent opera offline.

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An African country might do a little bit of hesitation. But in Ghana, if you want to study and research at the same time, this is probably the right choice. Historically, Ghana is the pioneer of musical instruments such as drums and percussion. In particular, the combination of traditional Akan music and modern Western instruments into Highlife music has revitalized the music industry in this country.

Argentina is the birthplace of the famous tango, from Buenos Aires. In Argentina, you will be learning the most outstanding music in Latin America. Argentina’s music space is never less diverse than any other Western European country: there, you can learn, in-depth research on salsa, merengue, even electronic music.