Music review

Why should children enjoy music early

In recent years, there have been many studies on children’s development issues, especially in early life. In addition to the nutritional issues, the way parents teach their children is that many studies conclude that music plays a key role in the development of children‘s minds. Music is one of the factors that stimulates imagination, creative thinking, increases the ability to…

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She elected baby to listen to music at the right time

Researchers have shown that listening to music during pregnancy often helps stimulate children‘s intelligence effectively. At different stages of pregnancy, the music genres also change accordingly. According to the study, from the 16th week onwards, the fetus was able to feel the sounds from outside, so the appropriate period for the mothers to start listening to the music from the…

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What do your children get when they learn to play the piano

Learning to play musical instruments not only helps children increase their ability to sense their emotions, but also helps develop learning and social skills. Not only that, instrumental classes also help children become familiar with Physics. For example, strumming a guitar string or violin also makes it easier for children to visualize the phenomenon of resonance and stop when learning…

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