The great influence of music on human spiritual values

Music can help people feel free, balanced, confident, soothing, relaxing and more. The right music at the right time can make us in a better mood. Instinctively, we all know how great music influences people, especially on the spiritual side. With music, listening to the song in the right mood, you can find a rare sense of peace and freedom…

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5 things to know about music in sports

Listening to music while exercising is becoming a common habit for everyone. Let’s learn the basics to make music better for you when you exercise! Music helps you increase the intensity of your practice One study found that exercising with music helps motorists distract themselves from physical exhaustion. When listening to music, the brain will do more work and distract…

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How did the COVID-19 affect the music industry?

In addition to affecting the economic benefits of the tourism, finance, banking, health and aviation industries of many countries, the COVID-19 epidemic also brought significant changes to the music industry of the world. Because of the uncontrolled outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, governments had to restrict crowd gathering, leading to many major events to be postponed, from the Cannes Film…

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Adele’s new album has been praised better than ever

The OneRepublic member of the group praised Adele’s fourth album. Fans predict that the singer will soon return to the music race after a long absence. According to The Sun, OneRepublic member Ryan Tedder shared that he collaborated with Adele on the fourth album. Before that, Tedder was a co-writer and producer with “English painters” in two songs, Rumor Has…

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Music review

Music and me

I have a great love for music. Must have music to reduce stress, make me love life more. I find in music the wonderful sounds of life. It was the music that helped me find stillness when my soul was agitated. Music is always the source of happiness for everyone who lives on earth. Music is very important to human…

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Bedroom Pop

Bedroom Pop – New feeling for your music

Previously, Bedroom Pop was understood to be the simplest music created from the technology of making amateur music at home of artists. Nowadays, Bedroom pop artists are increasingly developing both in technology and in their way of making music. They do not want people to default to Bedroom Pop as an amateur music genre. We can call them a new…

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