Italian music and the world

Undoubtedly, Italy is the most influential country in the history of world music. Many other nations took over this position in the 19th century, but despite that, Italy’s supremacy persisted for a long time, beginning before the fall of the Roman Empire. Opera and oratorio are the two original music genres in Italy. The composition of the later Cavaliere and…

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Genius musician – Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in the small village of Rajna next to Bonn (Germany) in a poor family with a musical tradition. Grandpa – Louis van Beethoven conductor of the Bonn royal orchestra. His Dad – Johann van Beethoven choreographed the Bonn court, after 3 years of marriage to Maria Magdalena Keverich gave birth to…

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Learn about Ballad music

From time immemorial, ballads originated in country and folk music because of the light, slow, and leisurely melody (often recited as a piano, guitar, or violin). Perhaps the ballad should be proud of being one of the music that uses the word “best” – not beautiful, but enough to give a sense of lightness to the listener; and make the…

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