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Taylor Swift – When the pop princess grew up

A turbulent year like 2020 seems to have little impact on Taylor Swift, the star of platinum albums Reputation and Lovers. No longer at the age of 20, the country / pop princess still maintains her persistent writing motivation. Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album Folklore was released to the surprise of fans.

Talent does not wait for age

No one denies that Taylor Swift is famous for her teenage talent in songwriting. At the age of 17, she became famous as a superstar thanks to her debut album Taylor Swift, released in 2006. The image of a blonde female singer emerged as a teacher’s beloved student or high school’s queen crown. As the schoolgirl grew up every day, Taylor also transitioned from country music to pop with songs popular with young people. Her successful two albums Red and Special 1989 (2014) made her a pop superstar with a tight touring schedule.

In the summer of 2020, Taylor should be on a tour with the successful album Lovers released in 2019. However, home isolation due to the corona virus epidemic seems to be a powerful catalyst for creative energy. by Taylor. Album Folklore debuted completely surprised fans, with a collaboration with two longtime producers, Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner.

The singer born in 1989 is no longer a teenager, but her music is still young, following her favorite pop / country path. It was a constant inspiration until eighth album, Folklore, attached to the previous album – Lovers. Two elements, art and commercial, go hand in hand in Taylor’s albums. Audiences can see her mocking her ex-boyfriend gathering in the song The Man or defending the LGBT community in the song You Need to Calm Down. Those are common themes in Taylor songs.

The ego grows each day

Folklore’s birth was so charismatic that the album was heard more than 80 million times on Spotify in just 1 week of release (from the end of July 2020). Usually when Taylor releases an album, she wants to mark a certain important event: a break up with a boyfriend or a relationship with a rival.

Thanks to her imagination and creative talent, Swift’s music seems to be connected with private moments and cognitive movement. With the latest album Folklore, Taylor has a clear transition sign with inner depth. She is the center, star of the story, not a lover or a rival she dislikes.

Responding to the Beat channel a year ago, she described the media as always treating her as “someone who shows off her dating life and composing music as tricks”. Few people noticed Taylor’s change, however, as her critical and sarcastic lens shifted toward herself more than anyone else. Therefore, the new album Folklore becomes especially attractive because of that transition, thanks to its skillful composition skills. The interesting thing in Folklore is that it connects many characters, different timelines, emotions, separate lives with rustic music. The song Cardigan (Sweater) is a clear illustration of young love and lost innocence.

Sad stories of sadness

Compared to previous albums, it is clear that Folklore has no title song, or really stands out, overwhelming the melody. This is an album with high content, full of regret, nostalgia and escape.

The image of the statue connected in the album is the ghost of finding the assassin at the funeral, the 7-year-old girl with her troublesome friend, a love triangle with three iconic figures Betty, James, and the unknown woman. in the Cardigan sheet music. In it, August and Betty are two songs that describe the perspective of two different women at different times.

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