The Beatles: World music monument

5/10 is the Beatles’ first single 50th birthday. This single was released at a time when Harold Macmillan was the Prime Minister of England and the Cuban missile crisis was taking place.

Love Me Do is a modern pop music sound written by the great musician Ian MacDonald. It was this single disc that changed the history of world music and paved the way for later discs to bring resounding success to this band.

The second single of the Beatles Please Please Me was released in January 1963. Immediately after launching, producer George Martin was confident to congratulate the elegant boys on their success. And he was right when in early 1964, the disc climbed to the top of the US music polls, favored by 73 million American television viewers when broadcast on The Ed Sullivan Show.

From here, the story of 4 young musicians is the main theme of young people in the cities of Liverpool, Hamburg, London and many other parts of the world. The Beatles songs are considered as panacea. Just two years later, they reached the top of their fame and John Lennon made a controversial statement saying that the group was “greater than Jesus”.

On this anniversary, a collection of John Lennon’s letters compiled by Hunter Davies along with a band biography written by Mark Lewisohn will be released. Lewisohn has worked hard for nearly a decade to get the most complete biography of the Beatles. Content has not been published. In addition, the largest ever conference on this legendary band will take place at Loughborough University, England, attended by more than 20 leading historians along with artists and scientists. social, experts and music critics of the UK, other European countries and the United States. They discussed the band’s impact on the world’s culture, society and politics in the 1960s.

Because of these contributions, during the opening and closing ceremonies of the last London Olympics, the organizers selected the songs Hey Jude, Because, Here Comes the Sun, I Am the Walrus and Imagine to perform. All 39 local BBC radio stations in the UK will play many songs and stories about The Beatles on this occasion.

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