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The beauty of classical music

In the world music treasure, classical music is considered the scientific basis of all music. At the same time, it is also the most difficult music to enjoy, the most fussy listeners, with the least favorite of classical music. Why is that?

The beauty of classical music is hard to feel. Classical music creates a very deep sense of inner. Compliments to such classical music are absolutely not fancy words to promote a genre with the least listeners in the world.

Because even if the writer adds more compliments, it will not be enough by the fact that the senior audience from past to present have evaluated it. And even if we don’t know much of those assessments. The better classical music is enjoyed, the more classical music is timeless and outdated.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho âm nhạc cổ điển

On conservatories around the world, no matter what students study in the instrument, the curriculum for many years is always classical music. Later on that classic background, students are likely to create their own. It could be more creative for classical music itself, or it could be composing other genres like Pop, Rock.

And obviously this also shows the influence of classical musicians on the world in general, the world of music in particular is timeless. In addition, classical music is associated with anecdotes about the lives of great authors.

Niccolo Paganini was a 19th-century, talented and talented violinist. He was standing playing a difficult piece in a packed auditorium. A band surrounded him with concerts with him. Suddenly, a string broke and hung sparkling under his neck.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho âm nhạc cổ điển

Sweat from his forehead. He worried but continued to play, improvised in a good way. The second string was broken again by the conductor’s surprise. And right after that is the third string.

Now there are three broken strings swinging on Paganini’s violin. When the master artist finished the climax with only one string left. Audience footsteps and in the polite style of the Italian, the hall was filled with “cheers”.

He lifted the instrument up for all to see. He nodded to the conductor to start playing again and then turned to face the crowd. With a shining look, he smiled and said aloud: “This is Paganini with a string!”

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