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The best countries to study music

Music is a global language and every country has its own dialect, because each country’s tradition, history and culture has a different influence on contemporary music. Discover some of the best destinations for music fans.

Japan is the country with the second largest music market in the world. Originating from Buddhist verses and court music, the ancient Samurai had to listen to this traditional music to practice.

Japan is the country with the most magnificent orchestra today, possessing many monumental string orchestras, including valuable instruments such as koto, shamisen, or code of the head.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho âm nhạc thế giới

Most of the world famous bands are from the UK. This used to be the land of medieval music, religious music, which also had more or less influenced modern music.

Not to mention, traditional Irish and Scottish music also influenced classical composers, inspiring bands to pursue traditional music. During your studies here, you can join orchestras, try bagpipe or simply go to a concert.

Austria is home to musical talents Mozart, Schubert, Haydn.

In Vienna and Salzburg, where supposedly the origin of classical music, from famous orchestras, theaters and even underground music theatrical stages, there is also their own land. In addition, Austria is also the birthplace of dance songs.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In Austria, you can enroll in music schools like Mozarteum or Liberal arts schools. If you have the opportunity to study here, remember to see at least one Mozart opera, friend!

Ghana is one of the most inspiring music countries in Africa. The music of this country has been studied by experts for hundreds of years and is considered to be similar to Indian music.

This is also the hometown of Highlife, a kind of music combining traditional Akan music and Western ideas and instruments. This small country is one of the pioneering countries in the study of drums

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