The connection between music and sports

Today, life has improved more so the demand for health and entertainment also increases. We see no shortage of music and sports playgrounds. But do you notice that music and sports are a couple like same.

It is not difficult for you to realize this at stadiums, sports festivals or international sports competitions such as SEA Games, World Cup, NBA, … and at smaller scales such as gym, yoga , or the speaker of the aerobic exercise park sisters including home fitness, … Where little and barely turn on music is probably the dojo!

Music and sports have appeared for a long time in the form of pre-hunting ceremonies of ancient tribes. The musical form at that time was very primitive like drums and gongs, … After forming antagonistic subjects, they also had the sound of drums before they started. If you watch historical documentaries, you will recognize them immediately.

Music promotes human spirit. Vibrant rock or electronic music makes the “warriors” more enthusiastic, helping them achieve better results when competing. Just like drumming in battle, today’s music on the stadiums also signaling fierce fights going on.

When we practice, relaxing music makes our minds quiet and suitable for yoga, while strong music is suitable for strong sports such as running, gym, … This is a therapy Psychology helps us to forget repetitive exercises that are frustrating, avoid negative thoughts and help us focus more deeply.

In addition, music in sports practice balances emotions; synchronize movement thanks to tempo. Another benefit is that music stimulates areas of the brain that control muscles. This is essential for sports practice because we have to use the whole body to perform coordinated movement.

Music is also a source of motivation by strong ability to reduce stress, mental stress. If you are tired of jogging every day, why not try to play a vibrant song, you will run a lot better.

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