The great influence of music on human spiritual values (part 2)

Some people have a normal relationship with music. They listen to a variety of music that they like but don’t try to understand. Some people integrate music into every aspect of their lives and miss when there is no music.

Then there are those who analyze the meaning that the author of a song is trying to convey, while others criticize the singers and songwriters. Then they confidently propose what is worth and not worth listening to. No one can tell you what kind of music you should listen to, or play, what kind of music to get you where you want to go.

Music can help people feel free or connected with others. Music can help balance and confidence, or sooth and relax. The right music and the right time can make us in a better mood. Music’s most magical ability is to arouse the values ​​and beliefs that sometimes lie deeply within us and bring them outward.

Value cannot be ignored

However, music also has a material value that cannot be ignored. Many studies show that healthcare costs will actually be reduced if music is used in daily personal care.

In the first large-scale review of the four hundred neuroscience studies of music, a group led by Professor Daniel J. Levitin of McGill University’s Department of Psychology showed that playing and listening Music has obvious benefits for all aspects of health, both mentally and physically.

In particular, it was found that music can improve the body’s immune system and significantly reduce stress levels. This fact alone could save billions of dollars.

Listening to music is also believed to be much more effective at reducing pre-operative anxiety than using prescription medications. This alone has far-reaching and positive effects. In this sense music is a very cheap medicine and has almost no side effects.