What do your children get when they learn to play the piano

Learning to play musical instruments not only helps children increase their ability to sense their emotions, but also helps develop learning and social skills. Not only that, instrumental classes also help children become familiar with Physics.

For example, strumming a guitar string or violin also makes it easier for children to visualize the phenomenon of resonance and stop when learning Physics. In addition, wireless instruments – such as drums or flutes – also help children explore the scientific principles mentioned above.

Learning to play musical instruments not only helps your child both ambidextrous, perform difficult coordination movements. Especially when participating in physical activities, children will acquire coordination skills for body parts, estimation precise time and good reflexes in performing movements, such as dancing, dancing, passing balls, …

Some music schools offer group music lessons, teachers will teach how to play in groups and assign a exercise to be done together. At the same time, each student in each group is assigned a different task to contribute to that exercise.

So whatever you do, children need to pay attention to contributing to the common goal. It is a microcosm for real interactions in society. We always need to practice team interaction skills and problem solving.

Play musical instruments to teach children how to control their emotions. Private lessons and practice time at home require a high concentration of children every 10 minutes. For example, the violin, before pulling the strings, the child must learn to hold the strings, hold the strings, and how to stand properly.

Besides, when defining a specific goal such as remembering how to play a complete piece of music or performing with an orchestra on stage, I will patiently practice many hours, months, even years. It is this that helps children get perseverance and discipline with themselves.

Moreover, if you are a member of the orchestra, children will learn to wait patiently for their turn and how to coordinate with everyone. In the meantime it is time for me to listen to the play of my classmates. Since then, children have been able to practice respect for others, how to keep quiet and focused for a certain period of time.

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