What is a mashup? How to create a very simple Mashup lesson

Mashup is a way of mixing music that appeared in the world in 2012 and is becoming more and more popular. Understandably, mashups are the term for simply pairing unrelated videos or songs into a complete clip or song.

The reason for mashups is popular in the world because this is a music playing field that is open to creativity, but also does not force players to be a professional. You can mashup 3, 5, 10 even 30 favorite songs in a mashup. Those songs can be taken back, or you record them yourself.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho music

The same bunch of songs, but each person has a way to express, mix differently to create many variations that nobody resembles … It is the attraction of mashups.

Also, you should distinguish between Mashup and Medley. Medley is that you will sing songs in succession, meaning that when you finish a certain segment of the song, you will switch to the other song. The mashup will be a disturbance in every song but still provides a feeling of very smooth and unobtrusive listening.

First, you will have to listen to many songs to define your own musical tastes. So how much to hear? The simple answer is when you can listen to this song, but feel it is similar to another song without understanding why. After that you will find a way to create and mix songs together naturally.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho music

The advantage of this way is that you can freely create mashups in an unlimited way, without being bound by any framework. As you know, there are many chords in music, but there are always common chords that are used over and over to produce many different songs.

This is the key point of this method: we will use the same chord tracks to combine them into a mashup.

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