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What is good listener sound

The purpose of hearing appraisal is not for the experience of music but to decide whether the system or audio equipment is good or bad and why. When trying to verify what was heard, the listener should identify values ​​that need to be assessed with sound reproduction. The listener can use that information to evaluate and select equipment and coordinate the complete system.

The evaluation based on the ears is essential, because measuring devices are not able to describe the quality of music performance of audio products. The human hearing mechanism is more sensitive and complex than hundred thousand times the most advanced testing equipment.

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Although the specifications are a reliable basis for equipment selection, but the ears are the final decision factor. Moreover, the differences in each device’s ability to express musical feelings can only be perceived in a subjective way.

Good sound is synonymous with the emotional satisfaction of the music reproduced by the audio system. If someone invites you to your home to enjoy the hi-fi system, you may find that he is a music lover or a computer enthusiast.

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If he turned on the music very loudly, constantly changing the disc and the music, then turning down the volume after 30 seconds to track your comments, surely this could not be a music lover. In another case, if he asked what kind of music he liked to listen to and chose a program to play at a moderate volume and then sat with you for a few dozen minutes, he or she might have the qualities an audiophile needs. whether or not he is very interested in music.

The first case, that person wants to impress you with sound. In the second case, the person wants to impress with their system, but through music, not the sound that makes the room vibrate. That is the basic difference between computer players and music lovers.

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