Music review

Which types of music will be on trend in the future?

The trend of digital music is gradually becoming prevalent. In your opinion, which music will be developed more and more, which genres will suffer.

What kind of music will be popular, which genre will it lose?


The most characteristic of trap music is the combination of sound effects vibrant by electronic drum beat 808 with virtual bass to create sound with depth, stirring emotions of listeners.

Heavy Metal music

Back in 2015, when Spotify compiled a list of the most loyal music fans in the world, metal fans ranked No. 1. Although often overlooked by terrestrial radio, its success brought exploding like every other trending music trend.

Heavy Metal music fans often listen to an entire album, spend a lot of time listening online and searching for music from respectable elders. So, despite all the trends, Metal music is coming back stronger than ever.


If heavy metal’s popularity on streaming services reflects its growing culture in the wider world, the opposite is happening with rock. Rock singers have become less interesting to young audiences

When Spotify published a list of popular rock bands over the years, the victory went to friendly EDM bands like Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons.

Country music

Country music fans are often loyal audiences to old music methods like buying CDs, loving songs with familiar tunes. Country songs often do not work well on streaming services unless the radio has their eyes on them. Country music fans must learn to not be afraid of the overwhelming world of streaming services.

Pop music

Pop is still one of the top streaming genres, although it is always inferior to rap. While the rise of online music brings a new energy and enhances artistic freedom for Latin and hip-hop music, pop seems to be squeezed, producers often ask to create A hit when writing a song will go live on the radio.

Besides, the time the audience enjoys a song is shorter and shorter if it is not attractive enough. Therefore, composers often cut the opening music to a minimum, creating climaxes for the audience to capture the meaning of the song as quickly as possible.

However, that inadvertently reduced pop creativity. Artists are also more pressured with views and hit production, different from hiphop music that has long been a strong force on the digital music platform.

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