Why learning the violin is the hardest instrument today

There are many instrumental disciplines that are popular in the world today. Each type of instrument has its own characteristics of shape and sound. Today’s article with Adam Arts Center learn about the most difficult violin instrument to learn today. To see why it’s so hard to learn and is there any way to learn violin effectively?

The sound of the violin, when sung, listened to the lullaby and moved the heart. It makes many people wish that they could play the violin like professional artists themselves or just for entertainment.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho học đàn Violin

As you probably know, the Violin is one of the most difficult instruments to play among today’s popular instruments. Like the piano, the guitar is even compared to traditional instruments like a harp or a monochord.

Because to play the violin you need to have a very high emotional level. You must be aware of the pitch of the notes. That way you can know if you’re playing the exact note or not.

Many people often ask the question of learning violin difficult or not? So the exact answer is that learning the violin is actually difficult. The reason is probably part of the structure of the guitar unlike other instruments. It does not have any dividers between the strings.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho học đàn Violin

So it will be difficult for us to know how to pull the music properly. Just a little dislocated, the sound will be different. Therefore, the perception that violin is the most difficult instrument to play among all instruments is completely grounded. Because it needs the feeling of music, the sound, the expression of each person’s feelings on each string.

In addition, the practice of clamping on the neck and practicing the pull of the violin is difficult. When pulling so that one wire does not touch the next string. The pull must be steady and clear. Sometimes it takes 2 months just to practice pulling the violin without touching the strings. Practice must be of the same high level and coordinate well with the tailed scissors.

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